Originally from Malgrat de Mar, a trip to Morocco with a stop in Madrid made me to meet  Víctor. Years later, in the summer of 2012, I moved to London (UK) to look for him.

Almost two years later, on June 23, we landed in Florida, United States, with a suitcase and a backpack each. Without too many expectations about what we would encounter or who we would meet, we have been forging our day to day as if we were chameleons. Discovering new places, interests, hobbies, points of view, etc. but at the same time walking with that nostalgia which sometimes still surprises me, and a feeling of living between two worlds: the one I am right now and the one I left but I still breathe it.

Even so, I would not change anything of it. We still have a lot to walk and discover.

If you like it, you will find feelings, thoughts and moments of how it is for me to live far from what I had always called home.

Thank you so much 🙂