My intentions

There is a sentence that says: Let life surprise you. It seems to me that I took it to the seriously. And I do not complain, well, sometimes I do, but in general all this surprise that has come with me since years ago has helped me not to think so much in the future, to be more aware of the day to day and to enjoy the uncertainty. It made me a bit stronger.

Even so, the adventures and miscarriages that I have been able to experience since I navigate through once an unfamiliar territory, they have been for my own and myself. At first, I shared many photographs and as everything went more stable, this sharing was diminishing, but as a result of Oihane’s encounter, from the blog Cometas de Colores, I am really eager to write what I feel and felt. There have been rainbows and lollypops but also sadness.

So, here I am, willing to share a bit more.